Performance Reviews


"Omar Lopez-Cepero as Che, is a driving force and a big talent in the show. Mr. Lopez-Cepero's voice is big, his movement are smooth and he stays consistent in his dynamic performance throughout."


"Omar Lopez-Cepero was charismatic and electrifying. His wide vocal range, piercing tone and pop style perfectly captured the rock tenor sound Weber's work often calls for. He turned in one of the dynamic and substantive performances of the evening."

-Madison Herald

"Omar Lopez-Cepero as Che Guevara, is a consummate artist. A magnetic singing-actor, he is at once cynical, confounding, revolutionary, critical, and terrific. He is the glue that’s central to sculpting 'Evita' into a fascinating story of hopes, dreams, gossip and intrigue. "

-Theatre Reviews by Jack Neal

"Omar Lopez-Cepero's defiant and confident portrayal of Che shone for the entire show. His solo received the loudest applause of the night, which only the uproar from his curtain call could contend with."

-South Bend Tribune

"Omar Lopez-Cepero is a fine Che. He breathes fresh air into the production. He inhabits his character where the others act theirs, making Che his own. He also has a more-than-pleasant voice which can drip scorn if not revolutionary ardor."

-Ottawa Citizen

"Omar Lopez-Cepero was an extraordinary vocalist, but it was his non-singing time that entertained me the most."

-Ephrata Review

Paint Your Wagon

 "Lopez-Cepero unleashes a glorious voice in his standout performance. His “Carino Mio” duet with Keleher is lush and romantic."

-St Louis Limelight

"a terrific cast, led by the charming Matt Bogart and Mamie Parris. Along with Omar Lopez-Cepero, I haven’t seen as delightful of a trio since Don, Cosmo, and Kathy in Singin’ in the Rain.  Lopez-Cepero has the energy that makes it impossible not to smile when he’s around."


"'Bogart, Parris, and Lopez-Cepero are brilliant together. 'Talk To the Trees' is a wonderous song where Lopez-Cepero gets to showcase his splendid tenor voice. "Carino Mio" delivers strong harmonies from Keleher and Lopez-Cepero."-

-Broadway World

Guys and Dolls

"Lopez-Cepero’s chemistry with Madison Claire Parks, who plays the uptight missionary Sarah Brown, is irrefutable. His presence is sexy, funny, fun, delightful and, most important of all, natural.

-Houston Chronicle 

"Omar Lopez-Cepero is the most believable character as Sky Masterson, with his smooth dance moves, unending charm and easy smile, resulting in the audience's ability to disapprove of his actions, but adore the person nonetheless."

-Broadway World

"Although this is a stellar cast, my absolute favorite performer was Omar Lopez-Cepero, who plays the dashing gambler Sky Masterson, and I really felt like I was in New York watching a top drawer Broadway production.  He has a lot of charisma and great chemistry with the other performers, and I loved him singing “I’ve Never Been in Love Before” and “Luck be a Lady.” His performance is worth the price of the ticket."

-Houstonia Mag


"Omar Lopez-Cepero cuts a dashing romantic figure and has the voice for this sort of popera endeavor."

-Huffington Post

"Omar Lopez-Cepero has everything a leading man should have, including great stage presence and a fabulous singing voice."

"Lopez-Cepero is the standout singer in the cast, and his tender rendition of "Will's Confession" is another highlight of the production."

-Theatre Mania

"Lopez-Cepero singing superbly and proving outstanding at projecting the excitement and anguish of discovery that gives Will everything he wants one moment and robs him of it all the next."

-Talkin Broadway

"As Will, Omar Lopez-Cepero sings attractively and acts vigorously." 


Pirates of Penzance

"As Frederic, Lopez-Cepero has the leading-man looks and earnest gumption required of the male ingénue."
-Chicago Theatre beat

"Formidable vocal chops are pleasing indeed, leading the way are the legit voices of Omar Lopez-Cepero..."
-Chicago Tribune

"Every high-flying note, and every snappy word (the performers’ diction is ideal) is in place and full of punch. The story is pure fluff, spinning the tale of a young lad, Frederic, the graceful, endearingly sweet Omar Lopez-Cepero..."
-Chicago Sun Times

Les Miserables

 "Lopez-Cepero, a full-voiced and wonderful Marius"

-Lancaster Online

Broadway Boys

"Omar Lopez-Cepero's stellar vocalizing of "Where Is Love?" and the moving "Seasons of Love" (which also employed a full chorus of young performers onstage) were highlights."

-Talkin Broadway